The Webkinz Lil’ Kinz Seahorse is going to be coming out soon,and it is very small like the mouse.It will probably be out in a month or two.There are quite a few under water pets coming out and there will be more I bet.

Well has anyone heard of the City of Ember books?

Basically these people are living in an underground city with streets,houses,and a billion lightbulbs.Since their is no light underground in their nice big city they have tons of storerooms with lightbulbs to light the city.Even though Ember has been doing great for over 200 years they are now running out of food,lightbulbs,and energy.

The City of Ember

The City of Ember

So Ember is about some people trying to find their way to save Ember.

You can watch the trailer at http://www.thecityofember.com

Everyone knows from the moment that you Googles came out that Ganz was going to create fantasy and realistic creatures.

Now with the Release of the Bubblegumsaurus,Coco Dino,Pink Googles,Magical Purple Retriever,etc.

There is a slight chance Webkinz may have ran out of ideas for realistic pets.

Not that that’s bad but there will probably be quite a few more non-animal creatures coming out in the future.

The most popular site for selling fantisy Webkinz creatures is Webkinzestore.com.They are also so far the only site that sells some of the fantisy creatures.

Some people are liking these new animals though,even though most don’t have plush toys with them.

Kinzchat PLUS Disappearing

Is Kinzchat PLUS disappearing?

Over the last few days I have noticed it gone anyone else?

WOW,they just added it about a month ago and in one month “poof” it’s gone.

Welcome Zoe!

Zoe has been born!

Zoe is my little sister who was just born 5 hours ago,8:26 PM,August 20th,2008.

She is really cute!

But sadly she won’t come home until Friday morning but I am going to see her tomorrow.

Welcome Zoe! 🙂

This is a funny watermelon video.

I think I will make one like this with Pumpkins in the fall.

Make sure that your sound is set up.

The Lucky 7!

Here are the Lucky Seven!



Cheeky Dog-Dice



Love Frog-Zoe

Leopard Lizard-Camo